If you are interested in adopting any of these rescues, please email us at adoptions@chainboland.co.za or contact Hazel on 072 609 1165 for dogs/puppies.


Female. Born Dec 2019. Small to medium breed. Playful and loving.

Britney aka Sasha

Female. Born Sept 2018. Very alert dog. Small to medium breed. Friendly. Walks on lead very well. Good watchdog


Female. Born 04 Oct 2019. Active and playful.


Male. Born Nov 2019. Needs a lot of space. Medium to Large breed. Relaxed nature. Loving


Male. Born June 2019. Needs a lot of space. Medium to Large breed. Loving, obedient and walks on a leash.


Female. Born Sept 2018. Long legged Jack Russell. Playful.


Female. Born 07 Jan 2020. Puppy of Pepsi (only white in colour). Loving & playful.


Female. Born between Sept – Dec 2018. Gentle nature and obedient. Will be a good companion.


Female. Born 24 Dec 2019. Chihuahua Cross. Small breed. Very loving and playful.


Female. Born 29 October 2019. Pitbull Boerboel cross. Really timid and scared. Takes time to warm up to the right family.


Female. Born Aug 2019. Medium Breed. Pitbull corss. Nelli loves playing, she enjoys being with other dogs and love children.


Female. Born 3 Oct 2019. Ready for Adoption: 21 December 2019. Medium Breed. Foxterrier cross. Gentle nature / playfull. Daughter of Trix.


Female. Born July 2018. Medium Breed. Foxterrier cross. Excellent mother and watch dog. Mother of Patch, Penny, Pee-nut & Princess.

Olive & Olga

Females. Born 05 Sept 2019. Ready for adoption 21 Dec 2019. Black & brown is Olive and Black & brown with white paws is Olga.


Female. Born 26 Sept 2019. Needs a lot of attention. Very loving. Perfect dog for children.