As we are a group of volunteers and have very limited infra structure and resources, we are always in need of a helping hand. Here are a few ideas on how you can help or become involved:

  • Sign/setup a monthly Debit Order of any amount that you can afford. This helps us to be financially more stable and allows us to plan our commitments better;
  • Donate a bag of dog/cat food per month;
  • Offer to foster puppies or kittens or adult dogs;
  • Often we need help with transporting animals/lifts to Cape Town;
  • Offer to help work at a stall at markets or at a fundraising event, or at open adoption days;
  • Drop off your good second-hand books (novels), clothing and bric-a-brac at Chain on Main (Tulbagh) which we can resell to raise funds;
  • We always need a supply of blankets and towels at the foster homes (they don’t last long) and toys to occupy the dogs and cats.
  • We have a Whatsapp Group, Friends of Chain, which is the quickest way to communicate our needs or often a crisis. To be added to this group, please send your details to Nelia 082 899 2248.

Drop off points for any donations:
Tulbagh: Chain on Main Retail Shop (The Yellow House), 25 Van Der Stel Street, Tulbagh.
Ceres: Ceres Veterinary Hospital, Diere Plesier, Pick n Pay Ceres.
Wolseley: Chain Shelter, 19 Mill Street, Wolseley (on Google Maps).

You can also help us by shopping online at the Santa Cause for Paws shop in aid of Chain Boland. All profits will be paid out directly to Chain Boland. Click the button below and start shopping!

Our Goal

We are raising money to buy a 2nd-hand VW Caddy to transport our animals. We estimate that it will cost about R200 000 with the customization of the interior included (fans, cages, etc) to make it suitable for the animals.

We update our progress of the money that we raise weekly.

So far we have raised R87 463.00

Report Cruelty

Some situations that may appear as though the SPCA must get involved, aren’t actually within our mandate. Our mandate is to prevent cruelty, and in a country that spans over a million square kilometres, our Inspectors must place their focus on cases where the Animals Protection Act is being contravened. We ask that you please follow these guidelines below:

Barking Dogs
The mandate of the SPCA is to prevent cruelty to animals. However, the local Municipality and police in each town are responsible for complaints regarding animals causing a nuisance or disturbance of peace. We suggest that you contact your local Municipality or police station in order to lodge a formal complaint regarding barking dogs.

Stray Animals
The local Municipality in each town is responsible for complaints regarding stray animals, which includes animals in the street, animals causing a nuisance or animals attacking people & other animals. Please contact your local Municipality or police station for assistance in this matter.

Dead Animals
The local Municipality in each town is responsible for the collection of dead animals. Please contact your local Municipality for assistance in this matter.